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Mistress Alyzee makes her slave worship her sexy black leather boots. After he is done she makes him inhale the smell and as reward she enjoys rubbing her sweaty feet which are covered in socks all over his face. He sniffs her socks and shoes right as the mistress introduced him to.

Gorgeous mistress Maeva returns back home after a nice workout session. Her slave is already laying on the ground as she takes place on a seat above him. She removes her sneakers and makes her slave worship them. Next she smothers his face by covering it with her stinky and smelly white socks...

Mistress sexy Cathy stands right in front of you as she starts to remove her stinky white sneakers. She smiles into your face as a well known scent occurs! Next you can see her black sweaty socks and you hear her commanding you to sniff them...

Mistress Maeva returns from a long jogging and forces her slave to smell the stinky inside of her sneaker shoes. But the smell isn't strong enough so she presses her wet socks on his nose and he has to inhale the sweat smell.

Lady Kimberley is one cruel bitch. While she enjoys her comfy seat on a luxury brown seat, she rubs her all day worn stinky and smelly dirty white socks all over her slaves face to force him to smell her foot stink. She makes him inhale it and commands him to breathe in very deep for her.

Sexy young mistress Karin wears sexy black strappy heels in this clip. After a while, she removes them for you and makes you look at her sexy perfect feet. You are told and commanded to jerk off to her perfect soles! She knows about your disgusting foot fetish and now she wants to be entertained by you...

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