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Mistress Jenny makes you smell her stinky bare feet and sneakers. She has leashed you and she lies on her favorite white sofa while she keeps holding her sexy white shoes all in your face. They are just a bit dirty but she wants you to lick them clean for her. After that you are allowed to smell them from inside. Finally she takes her shoes off to make you worship her stinky bare feet.

Mistress Samira has worn her stinky sneakers all day long. Now she takes them off to show her stinky socks to you. They are all wet as she shows them off and the room instantly smells like her feet. She smiles and commands you to get closer to her to get a nose of her foot stink...

Lyna is a bi sexual bitch and she cannot believe that he roommate Zoe isn't into girls. She always hates her a bit for refusing her all the time. But then Zoe wasn't able to pay the rental anymore and Lyna got her right where she wants her. Now she blackmails her: If Zoe wouldn't do whatever Lyna says she wouldn't help her to pay her rental part...

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