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Melissa doesn't exercise simply to keep her body firm and toned - she also works up a sweat for her helpless slave. As he lies tied up on the floor the dominating blonde beauty rubs her wet armpit into her prisoner's face before squeezing the sweat from her towel into his gasping mouth. For her next delight Melissa covers his mouth with one of her sneakers, forcing him to breathe in her stench before ramming one foot as deep as she can into his mouth to make sure his humiliation is complete.

Lady Magda has beaten down this sick loser who tried to ask her for a date. She hates pathetic wimps like him and knows exactly how to deal with them. Humiliation is the keyword! She makes him lick her sweaty armpit clean. After that he is made to smell her stinky smelly sneakers. Later he must lick her bare feet...

The evil twins are forcing their male slave to worship their most sweaty body parts. First they make him worship and kiss their asses. After that he is made to kiss and lick the sweat out of their armpits. In the end they smother his face with their stinky socks and command him to inhale the scent.

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