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Mistress MaƩva makes her pathetic slave worship her stinky socks. First he has to lick up all the dirt off her shoe soles. Then she removes her shoes to make him sniff her socks - she loves humiliating with the smell of her feet. As reward he is allowed to worship her bare tender feet.

You are Melissa's footboy in this clip. You are kneeling right in front of her as you first has to lick her sneaker soles clean. After that you are made to sniff her stinky socks and later she takes them off to make you kiss and worship her bare stinky feet...

Before she enters her car after a nice walk in the forest, Katja wants her slave to lick her shoes clean. So the slave kneels right in front of her as she holds her shoes right into his face. He immediately starts to lick up all the dirt off her soles. As reward he is allowed to smell her sexy stinky socks and worship her pretty bare feet.

Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty are finally sitting on the sofa after a nice jogging workout. Now both girls want to relax and being served. The slaves is called and his job is it to take care of his mistresses dirty shoes and tired feet. First he starts to lick the shoes clean, later he is made to sniff their dirty, sweaty and smelly socks as reward...

Ebony sits on her sofa having her slave under herself. She rubs her dirty chucks over his face and makes him lick them clean. After that she removes her shoes to cover his face with her sweaty socks. At last she slips out of them to make him worship her sweaty bare feet.

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