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Kinky mistress Angelina loves having a helpless tied-up slave on her floor to tease and squeeze with her strong feet. She playfully rubs her clean white socks all over her captive's face, smothering him for sexual pleasure. The dominating brunette smiles and chats on the phone as she excitedly slides one foot across her prisoner's mouth and deeper and deeper into his nose, forcing him to breathe in their smell.

Princess Jenny is sitting on the stairs and enjoys a cigarette - while you'll smell her stinky white socks - which she wore 5 days in a row - just to humiliate you! After amusing your mistress by inhaling the moist of her sweat-soaked socks you'll be allowed to take them off and worship her bare feet too!

While Jenny is having fun at the jungle gym, she looks down at you and makes you focus her pretty socked feet all the time. She wants to hear you smell and sniff them. All the time she keeps laughing at you and tells you what a pathetic wimp you are...

Sexy Mistress Sina is looking and giggling down at you. She knows how attracted you are by her sexy feet. But before you are allowed to worship them you have to smell her stinky socks. She lowers her socked feet right on your face and covers your nose with them. Then she removes her socks and makes you lick the bottom of her bare feet clean...

19 yo Antonia is a really cute girl - but totally evil on the inside. Today she tortures a slave by faceslapping him while he has her sweaty socks in his slave mouth. He has to suck her foot sweat out of the socks while his face gets torn by her vicious face slaps.

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