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Lady Sumerya caught her slave looking at her suggestively and she knew where this was going. She did not want it to go down that road and that is why she had to make sure that things worked out the way she wanted them to. The mistress had to make sure that she humiliated him and put him in his place. That is what she did with her socks as she dominated him with stinky socks.

This girl had been accepted into the group and the members held an initiation ceremony for her. She was asked to strip naked and the mistresses had fun making her lick their socks as well as their bare feet. She even had to suck some of them before they were done with her and they considered her a full member once the initiation was complete. She now was one of them.

This mistress had to deal with a stubborn slave and she felt that the best thing to do to the guy was to humiliate him. So she went out of her way to make him lick and smell her socks as well as her smelly feet. It was humiliating but it made him realize that she would not tolerate his nonsense and as such, he changed and they got along well after that.

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